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Answering Emails and Comments

I never figured that when I made my GG fan video that it would become so popular. Yesterday I checked into my account after recieveing a couple emails saying there had been some activity. Mostly I don’t respond to the youtube emails and comments. It’s not that I don’t care but usually I do not have time. Also my video has been up for about 3 years so comments and emails come in all the time. Brandon has been away about two weeks and last night while we were talking I started scrolling and reading. It was very heart warming to see all the comments and emails, I ended up reading every single one. I was also surprised how excited people were to have me respond and talk to them. I should probably do it more often. It was so great and made my night. It’s amazing to see how a show can touch so many people in so many ways.¬†

Here’s the link to my video for all wondering¬†

If you have watched the video and wanna say something email me on here and I will respond. This email I check almost once a day :) or even just let me know what you think. 130,000+ views!!! THANK YOU!!