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Godmother or God?

So since I haven’t posted in awhile here’s a bit of news about my life related to Gilmore Girls. My best friend is pregnant and expecting a girl!!! I am so excited!! How does this relate to Gilmore Girls you ask? Well she asked me to be the godmother to her daughter. I nearly cried when she told me and asked me. She also made the reference “always a godmother never a god.” She rarely ever quotes Gilmore Girls so I was pretty surprised and proud. I am no God so I guess godmother is the next best thing right? Cannot wait to welcome another gilmore girl fan into the world!! and she WILL be a Gilmore Girls fan I know it!! Me and her mommy used to watch Gilmore Girls all the time together in middle/high school and fangirl. I just hope I am up to the challenge of being her Lorelai GilmoreĀ